Christine 'Calzephyr' Bennett

Knifty Knitter Slipper

I hope you enjoy this pattern. I have done my best to take pictures and explain how I made the slipper as best I can If you have questions, please email me at calzephyr AT gmail DOT com.

You will need:

I used two plys of variegated Red Heart yarn. You could probably use a bulky yarn just as well, or a bulky yarn along with a sport weight yarn. My shoe size varies between size 8 and 9 and this slipper fits fine. The pattern can be adjusted for larger or smaller adult feet. The size may also vary with the wool you’re using.

I decided to make this pattern because another pattern I found on the web involved a lot of sewing. I thought it would be possible to keep on knitting instead. There is almost no sewing - the heel is made from both sides crocheted together.

Step One

Before casting on the Knifty Knitter loom, leave a tail about with two plys of wool held together. Cast on at peg 1 and wrap all the way around until peg 24.

Step Two

Start wrapping again at peg 1 until peg 24 again. Knit your first row.

Step Three

Thread the big eye needle with the end of the tail and run it through every loop on the inside of the loom. This will let you close the toe like a drawstring when you are done.

Step Four

Once step 3 is complete, you can continue knitting as normal. Knit 17 rows.

Step Five

At this point you will have knitted 18 rows in total. This makes up the main body of the slipper.

Step Six

Now you will be able to start on the opening for the foot. If you are using a stitch counter, reset it to zero. You should find that your last stitch was made on peg 24. Turn around on peg 24 and wrap back to peg 1. Knit.

Step Seven

For your second row, you should start wrapping from peg 1 to 24 and knit. Go back and forth this way for 14 rows. After about 5 rows, you will see that the knitting has a gap in it.

Step Seven

Step Eight

The very last row of the slipper should be knitted all the way around. On row 14 of the opening, you’ll find that row ends on peg 24. Wrap peg 1 to peg 24 and knit the very last row. Cut a 4-5” tail after the last stitch is knit.

Step Nine

Casting off the slipper and crocheting the heel is a little tricky, but quite easy! The blue circle loom has 24 pegs. Try to visualize that it is split in half, with twelve pegs on either side.

Step Ten

Lift off stitches 24 to 13 and place them on a stitch holder.

Step Ten

Step Eleven

To finish the heel, you will need to crochet the two sides together. Working back and forth, take one stitch off the stitch holder and then lift off one stitch still on the peg. Pull that stitch through and then pick up another one. For example, put stitch 13 on the crochet hook. Lift off stitch 12. Pull stitch 12 through stitch 13. Put stitch 14 on the crochet hook. Pull through stitch 12, etc. until you are left with one stitch left at the top of the slipper.

Pull the tail through this last stitch and pull tight; knot off and weave ends into slipper.

Step Twelve

Remember that tail on the toe? Pull this tight, knot off and weave ends into slipper. All done!

Below is the pair of “hippie slippers” made with this pattern and a pair of blue slippers made with this Knifty Knitter pattern. Both are about the same size.